The German Fairy Tale Landscape Iba/Johnson: THE GERMAN FAIRY TALE LANDSCAPE - The storied world of the Brothers Grimm

CW Niemeyer Buchverlage, Hameln

ISBN 978-3-8271-9139-7

448 Pages, Price: 14.90 €

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm's Children's and Household Tales remains one of the most influential books ever written in any language, a fact affirmed by its inclusion in 2005 into the 120 worldwide texts of the UNESCO World Heritage Registry. This English language volume visits fifty-five different locales to give the fan of the German Fairy Tale specific settings in which to enjoy both the most famed of the Grimm tales and sagas and some lesser-known works, including several by the forgotten Brother Grimm, Ferdinand. Fairy tales come from many sources and many places, but in the end some become localized because of their specific content or the tradition that has grown around them. Within the Grimm tradition that is at the heart of this volume, we have rare localized tales like The Bremen Town Musicians (who, incidentally never reach Bremen in the story) and several localized sagas like The Pied Piper of Hamelin. But as you visit the landscapes included in this volume, you will discover the setting for Little Red Riding Hood in the Schwalm, the magical castle of Sleeping Beauty at Sababurg, as well as the traditional "home" of Frau Holle near Hessisch Lichtenau. All it takes is a touch of imagination.